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Simply put visual design is only part of what makes a great website or app. At BrainMuffin we are focused on understanding the whole story, how a person arrives at your site, in what order they read your content, what they expect from you and all other seemingly small pieces that affect someones experience. With 10 years of design experience ranging from huge companies like (Disney, Google and Nissan) to more intimate brands (George Lopez, local coffee shops and personal trainers) we have refined our process to design and build a web presence consistent with brand principals that encourages interaction.

Our Full-Service Process Includes The Basics PLUS:

  • Comparable Best Practices For Your Industry
  • Copy, Content, Interactive Prep/Design
  • Iconography
  • User Tracking Report
  • Site Maintenance for 3 months (option for longer period)

Social Media

  • Social media strategy
  • Content creation
  • Community development management
  • Governance documents
  • Social impact measurement
  • PR integration (see distribution)



鈥淔ire, Ready, Aim鈥?is the most common great intentions turn into a bad execution. We work with our clients to clearly define both their challenge and goals

  • ROI examination
  • Identify Active Audience (different than target demographic)
  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Requirements prioritization



The most underrated portion of today鈥檚 digital landscape is distribution. With whom and how your content is shared is as important as the creative concept its built around. BrainMuffin knows this and treats the distribution process as intensively as the creation process.


  • Identify Contextual Distribution Points (on and offline)
  • Search marketing
  • Video syndication and aggregation
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Partnership Seeding Agreements
  • Optimization Tracking + Final Report


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