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The Stubby Dog LOL Pit Campaign

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Stubby Dog

Stubby Dog

Project: Stubby Dog Organization “viral education.”

Services Provided: Strategy, Analytics, Creative, Execution, Digital Marketing, Wrap Report

The Stubby Dog a non-profit, focused on changing the public perception of the pit bull dog breed.  The directive was to find a way to measurably change the “sentiment” of online conversations around pit bulls from good to bad in a low, overhead way.  The project was done pro-bono. Using our analytics program we tracked the terms “pit bull” and “dog fight” for two weeks looking for discernible trends in usage.


After deciphering a clear pattern we created a set of twenty unique “LOL Bull” pictures” pictures in the same style as the very popular “LOL Cat” series.  Using our real-time Twitter analytics tool we created a dynamically-updating list of all negative mentions of our key words (“pit bull and “dog fight”).  Every time either word was mentioned negatively, the “Stubby Dog” Twitter account would tweet a Twitter “mention” otherwise known as an “@” to the account with a link to one of the twenty adorable “LOL Bull pictures.”

Each image link contained a tracking code so we could monitor: number of click-throughs, shares, posts and retweets.

The results were staggering.

Links had a 92% click-through rate

A 36% share/retweet rate

Most importantly, comments of negative sentiment were followed by one of positive sentiment 51% of the time, up from 3% in cases where images were sent.

Total # of clicks, shares and impressions is confidential, but they were up well over 10,000% on the client’s baseline social media interactions.

The campaign was a great success and we hope to work with “The Stubby Dog” organization again in the near future.


Please fan them on Facebook to help improve Pitbull education.