Googi’s textPlus Study Group Campaign |

Googi’s textPlus Study Group Campaign

textPlus Demographic Identification and Study Group Campaign

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Googi’s textPlus Study Group Campaign

Googi textPlus Study Group Campaign

Directive:  To find the most common use case scenarios for their hit iPhone application “textPlus.”  BrainMuffin was also tasked to find the best way to mobilize college students to create “text groups” across Southern California campuses.

Services Provided:  User Research, Strategy, Street Teams, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Wrap Report

With hand-held Flipcams and our database of qualified street team members, BrainMuffin staffed four street members at colleges all across Southern California (UCLA, USC, CSUN, Loyola, Southwestern, Occidental, Otis, FIDM and SMC).  There we filmed students as they answered an array of questions supplied by the client about their texting and communication habits.  At the end of the four weeks of interviews we arranged a confidential report detailing our findings.

Using the results, BrainMuffin created a full rewards program for students, incentivizing them to create and maintain study groups through the textPlus platform.  Students would receive giveaways and great swag for using the application for their “group texting” needs.



– textPlus went from #68 to #2 in the iTunes app store

–  BrainMuffin continued working with textPlus on many future projects

–  textPlus is now by far the largest and most successful ”group texting” application in the app store

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